Tapflo’s diaphragm pumps are best known for their simple operating principle and compact, reliable designs. The pump is composed of two vital components that allow its simple, but versatile design to meet the demands of heavy industrial duties.


Long life diaphragms

The pump’s diaphragms sandwich a metal core, making them ideal for continuous heavy duty service. The liquid comes into contact with a completely smooth surface, reinforced with two layers and reinforcement webbing. The lack of nuts and washers allows for no leakage and easy cleaning.

Pollution-free air valves

These air valves are made for maintenance-free duty with no lube air. They offer short air distribution ways and low friction sealing solutions that make for an energy saving and pollution free drive.


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AdministratorJanuary 7, 2016 at 6:48 pm

Long life and compact design are important aspects in choosing a diaphragm pump. Thanks for sharing!

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