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T820 – 3″ PUMP


T820/TX820 is a big sized pump available in aluminum and stainless steel AISI 316L. It has a max capacity of 820 l/min.


(Pictured left: TX820 in aluminum)


Technical infoMeasurement
Max capacity216 US GPM (820 L/min)
Volume per stroke312.7 cu in (5125 mL)
Max discharge pressure116 PSI (8 Bar)
Max suction lift dry13 ft (4 m)
Max size of solids0.51 in (13 mm)
Max temp (PTFE diaphragms)230°F (110°C)
Max temp (NBR or EPDM diaphragms)176°F (80°C)
Weight (aluminum)213 lb (97 kg)
Weight (AISI 316L)319 lb (145 kg)

Performance Curve

T820 performance