Features & Benefits

Easy to clean and drain

CIP/SIP cleaning/sterilizing in place

No contamination of the product

Inert materials used



sanitary on trolley
Pump on Trolley

sanitary with rtj
with RJT connection 

Heating Jacket

The heating jacket is used when the pumped product has to maintain a specific temperature, high or low, throughout the process. A heating or cooling medium is continuously circulated in the heating jacket. The jacket is covering all the wetted parts of the pump. Available on all sanitary series pumps.

Variety of Connection Types

The pump is supplied as standard with TC clamp connections. However, the pump may be equipped with almost any type of connection used in the hygienic field – DIN, SMS, RJT, ANSI etc.

Pump on Trolley

Make your Tapflo pump mobile. The trolley is available for all pump sizes.