Features & Benefits

Easy to clean and drain

CIP/SIP cleaning/sterilizing in place

No contamination of the product

Inert materials used

T225 – 2″ PUMP

T225 pump

T225 and ATEX approved TX225 is the second biggest in the range of sanitary pumps for various transfer, filling and emptying applications in food- and pharmaceutical industries. It measures 360×420×639 mm and has a max capacity of 330 l/min.


Technical InfoMeasurement
Max capacity87 US gpm (330 L/min)
Volume per stroke42.7 cu in (700 mL)
Max discharge pressure116 PSI (8 Bar)
Max air pressure116 PSI (8 Bar)
Max suction lift dry13 ft (4 m)
Max suction lift wet26 ft (8 m)
Max size of solids0.39 mm (10 in)
Max temp in PE230°F (110°C)
Weight46 lb (21 kg)

Performance Curve