Tapflo has served the printing industry since 1985 with pumps and accessories for circulation, transfer, mixing and return, of ink, glue and solvents etc. We have the unique advantage of having our own production on almost every type of pumps and accessories needed for the printing industry. With fewer hands between manufacture and user, the price and availability is a great strength.


Challenging pump applications

Pumping water is very easy – however pumping ink and glue are very challenging tasks that require specialized equipment.

Examples of our specialized products:

  • Non-stick PTFE coated pumps makes it easy to keep clean from ink
  • Gentle non whipping handling of sensitive inks
  • Variety of resistant materials available for abrasive ink
  • Twin ports enables both distribution and return of ink with the same pump
  • Integrated mixer and pump for use on ink drums
  • Resistant pump materials for aggressive fluids

Typical industries and duties for our pumps

  • Envelope manufacture, ink, solvents and glue
  • Ink, lacquer, solvents and glue pumping in Flexography- and gravure printing. These printing techniques are used on various packages like metal cans, shrink wrap films and cartons etc.
  • News paper and catalogue offset lithographic printing, ink, solvents and lacquer
  • Specialist paint- and ink marking of metals