Choose Pump by Application

You know the need in your branch – we know the pump to match it.

PumPortal started with products that specialized in niche markets. With the addition of new product lines and successful penetration of new markets, we now serve a variety of industries. Although we have increased the number of markets served, we still target niche applications.

Water Treatment
Pumping samples, dosing acids and alkalis for pH-control. Transfer of flocculent, suspensions, chemical reagents and sludge. The pumps are resistant to hydrochloric acid and ferric chlorite, plus many others.

Paint, Print and Varnish
Transfer of water–and solvent based paints, ink, varnish, glue, adhesives and solvents. Transfer, recirculation and blending of ink in printing industries.

Hygienic Applications
Transfer of food products like soup, cream, syrup, milk, yoghurt, flavors, spirit, chocolate, dough, creams, paste, perfumes and toothpaste. Service applications as spraying of cleaning liquid in CIP systems.

Mechanical Industry
Handling of oil, fats, lubricants, cooling liquids, washing and cleaning liquids, solvents and waste products, etc.

Pulp and Paper Industry
Transport of glue, sodium silicate, color and titanium oxide, etc. Bleaching products, sampling and waste water handling.

Chemical Industry
Transfer of all kinds of acids, alkalis, alcohol, solvents and shear sensitive products such as latex and emulsions, as well as chemical waste products.

Surface Conditioning
Transport of chemicals from storage tanks, containers and baths, for example in pickling, galvanization and degreasing. Handling of waste products.