A perfect system for when you require a high level of safety.


Diaphragm alarm system



In case of a diaphragm break, the unit will stop the pump and turn on the horn.

Leaking liquid will remain in the chamber between the wetted diaphragm and the backup diaphragm.

This ensures that no liquid will leak to the environment or to the air system of the pump.


The system consists of a backup diaphragm pump (TB), and a control and alarm system. Under normal operation, the chamber between the backup diaphragm and the wetted diaphragm is set to vacuum by the control system. If any of the diaphragms would break, the pressure will rise in the vacuum chamber. The control system will then switch of the pump and turn on the horn. This system is allowed for use also in explosion hazardous areas, since only pneumatic components are used.

Technical Data

Available for all Tapflo pumps from size 50 (1/2″) and bigger

Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 130 mm

Material of junction box, protection: ABS plastic (IP55 or IP65) OR stainless steel AISI316L (IP44)