Run dry without damage

Infinitely variable flow control

Few components

Lubrication-free air distribution system


No electricity needed

dia pumps header

Tapflo diaphragm pumps are some of the most versatile pumps on the market today. They can be used in a variety of installations in numerous applications. Thanks to the simple operating principle, with a compact and reliable design, Tapflo diaphragm pumps meet the demands of heavy industrial duties. Diaphragm pumps are also commonly known as membrane pumps.

Other Benefits:

Easy to use, no need of guarding device

Flexible and easy to adjust

Low down time and maintenance costs

Compatible with a wide range of chemicals:
  • Corrosive and chemical-aggressive
  • High and low viscosity
  • Abrasive
  • Solid-laden
  • Shear-sensitive
  • Flammable