The EHEDG Certificate

The EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) certificate is your guarantee that the design is according to the hygienic guidelines. Furthermore the pump is clean ability tested, which means bacteria does not grow in the pump after cleaning and draining procedure.
Aseptic Pumps

Tapflo is now launching the first membrane pump in the company’s new aseptic series. The series will be available in three sizes for sterile applications in primarily the pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and foodstuffs industries. Owing to its special design this is the first Tapflo series to be approved according to EHEDG regulations.

Options: can be delivered with backup diaphragm system.


No horizontal areas

Designed for CIP and SIP cleaning

Gentle pumping

Housings made from electro-polished stainless steel AISI 316L, Ra 0.8 (standard) or Ra 0.5 (on request)

Wide range of connection types available: TriClamp, sanitary threads (DIN, SMS), etc.

No rotating shaft seals


Conforms with the ATEX directive

Can run dry and against closed valve without damage


No bacteria growth

Easy cleaning and draining

No damage of sensitive products

Hygienic surfaces

Flexible installation

No leakage

Safe in explosion-hazardous areas

Reliable in service

Typical Applications

IndustryExample of application
Food & dairySoup, cream, syrup, dairy products, flavoring, alcohol, chocolate, past
Pharmaceutics & cosmeticsCream, paste, alcohol and filtration gel

Material of Components

ComponentModel: Material
Housing, manifoldsAISI 316L, Ra 0.8; Ra 0.5 on request
DiaphragmsDiaphragms PTFE (FDA & USP VI
EPDM (FDA on request)
White EPDM (FDA)
PTFE w/ which back (FDA & USP VI
Valve ballsPTFE (FDA)
EPDM (FDA on request)
O-ringsEPDM (FDA)