Features & Benefits

Trouble-free transfer of light process powders

Convenient and safe powder handling

Reduced contamination

Economical compared with other complex powder systems
Powder Series Pumps

The Tapflo powder transfer diaphragm pump is an economical and compact solution. It can do the same job as many complex and large powder systems. The compact design also makes the unit portable.

The powder transfer pumps are modified from the standard PTFE coated aluminum series. The PTFE coating enables an efficient transfer through the pump, with least possible resistance.

What kind of powders?

The powder transfer pump will handle different types of process powders, with specific weight from 80 up to 720 kg/m3 dry weight. Generally, if the powder does not clump together when you squeeze it in your hand, the Tapflo powder transfer pump can be used successfully.

A few examples of common powders are sintering powder, carbon black, resins and silicones.


The capacity of the powder transfer is extremely different from one powder to another, depending on the consistency and weight etc. For more specific information about the capacity in your application, please contact your local Tapflo distributor or fill out our inquiry form here.

How it works

The powder transfer pump is based on a standard Tapflo air operated diaphragm pump. The powder is transferred by means of two diaphragms, which alternately prime the powder from the container in the first cycle and discharge to the process in the second cycle. 

The powder is transferred in a hermetic system from the powder container to your process.

No start-up problems

The air induction system eliminates powder pack up problems when starting the pump. Air is induced to the powder side of the pump for diffusion of the powder. The induction flow can manually be adjusted by means of a needle valve to obtain a optimum performance.

Safe in EX-zones

The powder transfer pumps are ATEX marked, allowing use in explosion hazardous zones (group IIG/IID, category 2).

Powder Pump Parts

A complete air induction system is included with all powder pumps:

  1. Process powder
  2. Valve ball
  3. Diaphragm
  4. Non-return valve
  5. Needle valve
  6. Air induction line

Material of Components

ComponentModel: Material
Pump housingPTFE coated aluminum
DiaphragmsEPDM (NBR or PTFE on request)
ValvesEPDM (NBD, PTFE, AISI 316 or PU on request)
In/outlet materialStainless AISI 316L
In/outlet connectionsTXP220: 1-1/2" BSP threads (NPT upon request)
TXP420: 2" BSP threads (NPT upon request)
Explosion protectionATEX marked according to group IIG (gas)/IID, category 2