Magnetic power transmission

No leakage

Seal-less pump

Hermetic system
Magnetic drive series

CTM pumps are used in most industries where liquids are pumped. The pumps handle many types of low and normal viscous clean liquids such as chemical aggressive and toxic.


No mechanical seal problems

Safe working environment and environmental friendly

Safe handling of hazardous fluids

No poisonous or dangerous vapors

How it Works:

The power from the motor is transmitted to the centrifugal impeller by means of a magnetic coupling. A so called isolation shell between the drive magnet and the impeller magnet separate the liquid side from the drive.

Working Principle:
  1. Drive magnet, connected to the motor
  2. Isolation shell (rear housing) separating the liquid side from the atmosphere
  3. Impeller magnet assembly, driven by the drive magnet
CTM working principle
Performance Overview (2900 RPM motor)

CTM performance overview

Typical Applications

IndustryExample of application
Chemical stockistsTransfer of various chemicals from storage tanks to smaller containers
Surface treatmentTransfer, filtering and circulation of surface treatment baths
Food and beveragePumping of CIP detergent used for cleaning of pipes and other food process equipment
Water treatmentDosing of acids and alkalis used as cleaning chemicals in nanofiltration
Chemical manufacturePumping of chemicals in industrial detergent equipment
DemineralizingDemi-water circulation and transfer in many industrial applications
Photo processingTransfer of photo develop chemicals and inclusion in processing machines
Liquid crystal manufacturePumping of concentrated acids and alkalis

Material of Components

Pump casing and isolation shell (rear casting)PP (GF 30%) or PVDF
ImpellerPP or PVDF
Lantern (not wetted)PP (GF 30%)
Static bushingsCeramic (standard) or SIC
Rotation bushingsCharbographite (standard) or SiC
O-ringsFXM (standard), EPDM or FFKM Kaflon