Features & Benefits

Easy to use, no need of guarding device

Flexible and easy to adjust

Low down-time and maintenance costs

More options of installation

T100 – 1″ PUMP

T100 pump

T100 and ATEX approved TX100 are powerful middle sized pumps measuring only 200 × 214 × 320 cm with a flow of 125 liter/minute.


(Pictured left: T100 pump in PE)


Technical infoMeasurement
Max capacity33 US GPM (125 L/min)
Volume per stroke17.1 cu in (280 mL)
Max discharge pressure116 PSI (8 Bar)
Max suction lift dry13 ft (4 m)
Max size of solids0.24 in (6 mm)
Max temp in PE158°F (70°C)
Max temp in PTFE212°F (100°C)
Standard pump T in PE22 lb (10 kg)
Standard pump T in PTFE38 lb (17 kg)

Performance Curve

t100 performance