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Markets & Applications

Food & Beverage - Hygienic & Sanitary

Fish & Seafood – Brine & syrup, waste products.
Chocolate & Candy – Chocolate, creams, frosting.
Beverages & Drinks – Water, Juice, Coffee, Tea, Beer, Spirits, Wine.
Dairy, Milk, & Ice Cream – Milk, yogurt, cream, curds and whey, skimmed milk, butter, cottage cheese, melted cheese, icecream.
Meat & Poultry – Blood, waste products, bolognese, sauces, marinades.
Processed Food – Soups, salds, sauces, dressings, canned food, ready meals, snacks.
Oil & Fats – Vegetable oils, palm oils, industrial oils, animal fats, marine oils, soybean, canola.
Pet Food

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics - Hygienic & Sanitary

Pharmaceuticals – Raw chemicals, solvents, creams, oils, alcohol, gels
Life Sciences
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
Beauty & Personal Care

Industrial & Municipal

Water & Wastewater Treatment – Pumping samples, acids and alkalis for pH-control, transfer of flocculent, suspensions, chemical reagents and sludges.
Oil & Gas
Fuels, Biofuels, & Petroleum
– Fuel transfer, blending
Chemical Processing – Acids, alkali, solvents, sludge/slurry, waste, samples.
Surface Treatment – Galvanisation, plating, degreasing, pickling, coating/painting, Etching
Paints & Solvents
Mechanical Industry
– Handling of oil, fats, lubricants, cooling liquids, washimeatng and cleaning liquids, solvents and waste products etc.
Pulp & Paper – Transport of glue, sodium silicate, colour and titanium oxide etc.