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Pump Installation

The Tapflo pumps are flexible in their ease of installation. The in- and outlet ports are infinitely turnable more than 180° in to fit your piping system (PE & PTFE and metal series pumps).


The piping system is designed with a positive suction head. This is the best way of installation where it is necessary to completely evacuate all liquid from the container, or where viscous (thick) products are transferred.


The Tapflo pump is designed to pull a high vacuum. It is able to evacuate an empty suction pipe without any damage to the pump. The suction lift is up to 5 meter (16.4 ’) from an empty suction pipe and up to 8 meter (26.2’) from a wetted pipe. The suction capability depends on the pump size.


All Tapflo pumps may be submerged into the liquid. It is important to make sure that all components which are in contact with the liquid are chemically compatible. The air exhaust must be led to the athmosphere by means of a hose.