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About Tapflo

We began our journey in 1980 in Kungälv, a small town on the Swedish west coast, as a family company with an ambition to one day become a global player on the pump market. Since the foundation, we have taken pride in delivering a wealth of knowledge and passion for pumps to the industry, whilst supplying a wide range of premium products for various industrial applications.

Now, after almost half of a century on a market, the company has developed into a global Tapflo Group with branches and distributors present in nearly every region of the world. One thing did not change – we are still a family company.

All About Your Flow

Tapflo Group is an independent, family owned, Swedish manufacturer and global supplier of Air operated diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and other industrial process equipment.

Tapflo is a leading pump manufacturer with the ambition to provide a wide range of premium products for various industrial applications. With experience from industrial fluid handling and pump manufacture since 1980, we know what you as a customer require from an industrial pump.

Ever since we started our manufacture of air operated diaphragm pumps, we have always had our winning concept in mind: to create compact diaphragm pumps for reliable duty and with a minimal number of components enabling easy maintenance. We are always keenly aware of new requirements and ideas from our customers. The products are therefore always in continuous progress with improved detail solutions, new materials and further accessories.

Tapflo is represented by own com­panies and independent distributors in more than 60 countries spread over the world on 6 continents – products and spare parts are available worldwide.

Tapflo Values

Our culture is concluded in our values

We have existed more than 40 years in the industry. We are different from our competitors because of our willingness to exceed the customers’ expectations, move fast and be flexible. Our culture is based on the spirit of togetherness, enthusiasm and integrity. We come from all over the world but we share the same values and we respect each other. We are committed in heart and mind.

We understand that the quality in our work is never better than the weakest link, that’s why we focus on every small detail. We share a common passion for continuously finding more efficient and effective ways to provide value to our customers. As a manufacturer we have control of the complete process both in terms of our products and the way we operate internally. That is why we manufacture the highest quality pumps in our segment.

We have a saying, “Simple is art” which means we try to find smooth and uncomplicated solutions in everything. By keeping it simple we can focus on the essential, like designing uncomplicated pumps with few components. For us it is a key to success; strive to simplify what is complex.