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Tapflo pumps are some of the most versatile and reliable pumps on the market today. With a comprehensive range of air operated diaphragms in plastics and metals, as well as a range of conventional centrifugal pumps, mag drive pumps and vertical pumps you will always find a solution for your industrial liquid transports.

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

Thanks to the simple operating principle, with a compact and reliable design, Tapflo diaphragm pumps meet the demands of heavy industrial duties.

PE and PTFE Series

Suitable for handling almost any kind of liquid whether it is viscous, chemically aggressive or with solids.
CTM Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic Drive Series

CTM mag drive pumps handle many types of low and normal viscous clean liquids such as chemical aggressive and toxic.
CTI and CTH Centrifugal Pumps

CTI and CTH Series

Open or semi open single stage centrifugal pumps manufactured in high finish and mechanical strong material stainless steel AISI 316L.

Recent News

A new standard of air treatment systems

Since February 1, Tapflo has provided air treatment systems with FESTO equipment. The air treatment system is a basic air-line set of equipment that increases lifetime and ensures proper operation of AODD pumps. FESTO has become Tapflo’s standard supplier of air treatment equipment to ensure high quality with competitive prices.

Why diaphragm pumps are the most versatile in the market

Tapflo’s diaphragm pumps are best known for their simple operating principle and compact, reliable designs. The pump is composed of two vital components that allow its simple, but versatile design to meet the demands of heavy industrial duties.

Why Choose Us?

We provide North America with only the highest quality industrial pumps manufactured in Sweden by Tapflo and eliminate all the complexities of importing, customs, exchange rates, etc.

We help you select the most efficient pump for you application by evaluating YOUR needs. Even after a transaction, we stand behind the product to make sure it works to your satisfaction.

We are professionals working with several decades of industry experience selling and applying various types and sizes of pumps.

PumPortal offers a wide variety of Tapflo products from air-operated diaphragm pumps to centrifugal pumps...