Tapflo has served the surface treatment industry with pumps since more than 25 years. We have the knowledge of selecting the right pumps and filters for the different applications that are present in today’s galvanic industries. We also have the unique advantage of having our own production on almost every type of pump and filter used in the surface treatment industry. With fewer hands between manufacture and end user, the price and availability is a great strength.


Creating a Safe Process

Many hazardous chemicals are used in surface treatment processes. An important issue is to provide a safe environment throughout the process from pre-treatment, surface treatment, after treatment to waste handling. This involves encapsulation and automatization of the process and handling of chemicals. Safe and reliable pumps and filters are important components to create a safe process.

Typical Applications

Transport of chemicals from storage tanks, containers and baths, for example in pickling, galvanization and degreasing are typical applications for Tapflo  pumps. Handling of waste products is an other area. More expamples are listed below.

Process Examples

  • Electrolytic zinc plating
  • Copper, nickel, tin, silver and gold plating
  • Alcalic zinc
  • Zinc-iron
  • Zinc-nickel
  • Hexavalent chromium-flree plating
  • Chromates/passivation
  • Acid zinc
  • Chemical Nickel
  • Anodic coating
  • Organic coating

Duties for our pumps & filters

  • Degreasing bath
  • Picking bath
  • Alkaline bath
  • Acid bath
  • Electro-plating bath
  • Waste from bath
  • Drum Handling