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CTH D for the beverage industry

CTH D pump assembled on an M size trolley equipped with a frequency inverter, designed for beverage industry. The customer requested a “Plug and Play” solution characterized by the following features: sanitary design, easiness of use, mobility, compactness, simplicity of control. The unit fully meets these requirements. The CTH D pump itself is supplied with an electro-polished casing and internals with excellent surface finishing which makes it a perfect solution for hygienic duties, in this case beverage industry, where clean-… Read More »CTH D for the beverage industry

Diaphragm pump for pharmaceutical industry

T220 metal diaphragm pump mounted on an industrial trolley, designed for the final customer from pharmaceutical industry. This unit helps with removing the leftovers of cleaning solutions from CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) system. The built-in automation system has two functions: Detecting the presence of liquid in the suction line Switching the pump off during dry run operation The pump itself is built with ingenious simplicity – we use approximately 70% fewer parts than our competitors use to build similar sized pumps!

Mobile pump with height adjustable inlet

The client, pharmaceutical industry company, requested mobile pump with height adjustable inlet so it can be adjusted to match different tank outlet heights for emptying waste ointments and creams from mobile tanks. Tapflo’s Engineering to Order team met these requirements with TX220 metal diaphragm pump assembled on a hygienic trolley equipped with screws regulating the level of baseplate with the pump. The height adjustment range is 240-450 millimeters. The process of adjustment is easy and take very little time (about… Read More »Mobile pump with height adjustable inlet

Diaphragm pump for the nuclear industry

Tapflo has delivered a pneumatic diaphragm pump of its largest model for use in various applications in the nuclear industry. The pump, which is presumably the first of its kind in the world, has been developed in cooperation with the Fagerstrom Industry Consultant with extensive experience from deliveries to the nuclear industry. In a first application, the pump is installed in a mobile system for decontamination. The system’s task is to clean and remove radioactivity from different parts during inspection,… Read More »Diaphragm pump for the nuclear industry

Tapflo pumps – long life design and robustness

Back in 2004 Tapflo delivered more than thirty diaphragm pumps to a hot dip galvanizing plant in Sweden. At that time this plant was one of the world’s most modern of its kind, with one manual and two fully automated facilities. It was an explicit demand of the plant’s maintenance manager to use diaphragm pumps from Tapflo: – “Because I know it works!” The pumps are used to pump wastewater, acid, lye and flux to various parts of the treatment… Read More »Tapflo pumps – long life design and robustness

Wastewater treatment plant in Czechia

This wastewater treatment plant is responsible for removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. In this facility, all liquid transport processes are covered by Tapflo pumps. Set of Tapflo T100 PTT pumps equipped with pulsation dampeners DT100 PT and air treatment systems is used for dosing and transfer chemicals responsible for processes like: Raising pH in the wastewater neutralization process Decreasing pH in the wastewater neutralization process Coagulation Adsorption Additionally, Tapflo T420 SEE is used as sludge transfer pump.… Read More »Wastewater treatment plant in Czechia

TC intelligent pump for the ceramic industry

We are excited to share a very successful story! One of the ceramic industry leaders had a hard time finding an appropriate pump for their production line. They tested solutions from a few brands but nothing met their requirements until they did run Tapflo TC50 intelligent pump fitted with the LEAP® technology. In the tested application, the pump transfers ceramic glaze from the container directly to the robot which sprays the glaze on the bathroom’s ceramics like sinks, toilet bowls… Read More »TC intelligent pump for the ceramic industry

TR20 PTT installed on the container

TR20 PTT installed on the container is used for a passivation process of pipes and coils. The end user develops systems for the beverage industry (devices for cooling and dispensing of beer, juices, water). The liquids contain solutions of phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, and nitric acid and are pumped under pressure of up to 4 bar to properly wash the coils. The units are to be used in their production line to passivate stainless steel tubes or pipes from their… Read More »TR20 PTT installed on the container

Pump for liquid soap

CTH CE-15 centrifugal pump mounted on a hygienic trolley for a client specialized in the household chemicals industry. The unit doses liquid soap to 6 sections of the packing machine where it is distributed to cartridges. Previously the client used to depend on dosing pistons, but this solution was problematic during changes in the dose volume. Our solution lets the client change the amount of soap from (300 to 900 grams [0,66 to 1,98 lbs]) without any effort!

Diaphragm Pumps for casein glue pumping

For corrugated packing producers the diaphragm pumps are the first-choice solution, for pumping casein glue. Tapflo diaphragm pumps have earned a good reputation among a large number of customers from around the globe. The quality of materials and reliability in operation, makes Tapflo pumps the best in solving complex production issues in the process of corrugated packaging production. Often, casein glue is used in the production of cardboard boxes, tubes and cardboard casings. The glue in the production of corrugated… Read More »Diaphragm Pumps for casein glue pumping