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CTV Vertical Pumps


ModelMax capacity (m3/h)Motor power , kWOutlet dimension (male BSP)
CTV 25-9 PP & PVDF120.551″
CTV 25-10 PP & PVDF140.751″
CTV 25-11 PP & PVDF15.51.11″
CTV 25-11.5 PP & PVDF161.51″
CTV 32-8.5 PP & PVDF131.11¼”
CTV 32-10 PP & PVDF171.51¼”
CTV 32-12.5 PP & PVDF192.21¼”
CTV 20-9 stainless steel120.55¼”
CTV 25-9.8 stainless steel110.751”
CTV 40-12.5 stainless steel191.51½”
CTV 40-13.5 stainless steel202.21½”

CTV is a single stage vertical centrifugal pump that is simple but very reliable in duty.

It is manufactured from:
Plastic (PP or PVDF)
Stainless steel (AISI 316L).

The pump is specialized for transfer and circulation of various liquids from containers, sumps and tanks.


Leakage free and dry running safe
CTV is installed vertically with the motor above the liquid surface. In this way the pump does not need any mechanical seal that usually is a source for leakage problems. Furthermore the pump is designed to be dry running safe.

Maintenance free
The simple design without bearings or mechanical seals grants for a pump that is usually maintenance free. CTV is also insensitive of solids, particles up to Ø 6 mm are allowed.

Replacing self priming pumps
In many installations the CTV pump replaces a self-priming pump. The CTV pump head is submersed in the liquid. The pump operates more reliably compared to a self-priming pump. The submersion depth is up to 425mm (depending on model), but may also be equipped with a suction extension.


Surface Treatment: transfer and return pumping in galvanizing, hot zinc, pickling and oxidation processes

Water Treatment: transfer and return pumping

Heat Exchangers: return pumping in heat exchangers

Waste Disposal: emptying sumps